On February 7th, 2009, Mayur-SASA once again hosted their annual performance arts show in Rangos. The show had a unique presentation; a play, "The Desi Effect" (also the name of the entire show) was performed in-between each of the individual acts. This provided a buffer between each act, and also tied the show into a cohesive whole.

"The Desi Effect" tells the story of a college freshman, Nikhil Kapoor (played by Dhruv Mathur.) "Nik" is distanced from the Desi culture, and wants to spend his college years as a "normal" kid. The play then turns into a take of "It's a Wonderful Life," and Nikhil sees the error of his ways etc. etc. It was an amusing play – but of course, this wasn't what people came to see.

The numerous acts were all very good, well-done with a minimum of hiccups along the way. A personal shoutout goes to the sole musical act done by Mid 2 the East, a student duo of instrumentalists (Haris Krijestorac and Al Singh) playing the electric guitar and Indian tabla drum. I was completely mesmerized by their playing, and hope that I can see them in more performances throughout the year.

With a pastiche of many different dances, from Indian classical to bhangra to hip-hop, there was a lot for everyone to enjoy. Fashion was also in the program, with models showing off various designs. The styles featured both Indian inspired and contemporary wardrobes. And kicking off near the end, CMU's own new all-Indian a capella group, Deewane hit the stage for a number of rousing songs.

A solid show with a great number of solid performances, if you haven't gone to the Mayur-SASA show yet, next year is the time.